Radio Wymondham

South Norfolk's Premier Radio!

Live Broadcasting is coming soon. Stay tuned..... We have a lot to come yet so visit back soon or like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter...... Not on social media? Sign up to our email list - it's our promise no spam! www.radiowymondham.com/intouch

Latest News

  • Radio Wymondham is currently awaiting the C.I.C paperwork to finish the process. This paperwork is currently in the pipeline and should be with us in no time.
  • Our website is now functioning but is still under development
  • Backend Development has started so look out for a user system to sign up & access our forum
  • We will very shortly start recruitment - Recruitment Process has now been confirmed and forms awaiting publication
  • If you wish to advertise on our site, sponsor a program or partner with us email us at Enquiries@radiowymondham.com